Developing leadership abilities

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<P><B><I>a??What kind of leader am I?  What kind of leader will I become?a??</I></B></P><P><B><I> </I></B></P><P><B><I>Developing Leadership Abilities, Second Edition</I></B> was written to help col...
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a??What kind of leader am I?  What kind of leader will I become?a??


Developing Leadership Abilities, Second Edition was written to help college students get on the fast track to becoming a leader.  Providing dozens of practical examples, the book moves quickly while giving an organized, readable, and logical analysis of leadership.


The book offers the following pedagogical tools to help students reach their own leadership potential:

v      Insights Boxesa??throughout the chapters ensure that key points stand out.

v      Your Turn featuresa??give frequent opportunities to record personal experiences, insights, impressions, and questions.

v      Meet a Leader-- Introduces the reader successful leaders college and career environments.

v      Personal Leadership Plan--Helps students hone their skills in the leadership realm.< /P>

v      Assess Your Approach to Leadership a??This brief exercise gives students an opportunity for self-reflection and a mirror on how their own background will affect their leadership qualities.

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