Infancy: development from birth to age 3

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<P><B><I><B>For courses in Infancy and <I><B><I>Early Childhood Development, </I></B><B><I>with a focus on birth to age 3.</I></B></I></B></I></B></P><P> </P><P><I><B>Infancy: Development from Birt...
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For courses in Infancy and Early Childhood Development, with a focus on birth to age 3.


Infancy: Development from Birth to Age 3 helpsstudents understand the role of infant development research and how they may apply it to their own lives as well as the broader implications upon public policies.  Students are also presented with the relevant historical information in many of the chapters to provide a broader perspective and highlight how far weâ ve come in our understanding of the first 3 years of life.  Issues of diversity and multicultural experience are also incorporated, illustrating how nature and nurture work together.  

Uitgever Allyn &#38; Bacon Div. of Pearson Educ.
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ISBN/EAN 9780205734191
Auteur Gross, D.
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